Dave Murphy

Instructional Designer


Over 20 years of combined experience in education and training including: 

  • Online Courses & Training
  • Blended Courses & Training(Online with Face to Face follow-up)
  • Face to Face Courses & Training


I am great with agile environments where I can collaborate with subject matter experts and other team members to create innovative and engaging learning experiences.


I have a passion for learning and teaching! Nothing brings me more satisfaction than to see the light in people's faces when they have learned something new.




"I've worked with Dave in many facets and roles over the years and it is always a joy to do so. Not only are his skills top notch but he approaches everything he does with a "Be of Service" mindset that sets him apart as a developer, a teacher and a colleague. 

I recommend Dave as a developer and teacher to anyone who needs someone who sees beyond the tools themselves and intuits how those tools are best suited to the needs of his clients."

-Triffany Hammond

Available for:

  • Instructional Design
  • Training
  • Video Production
  • Consulting

Contact me by email: murphygonzalez@gmail.com

Learning Innovations and Technology

I love to combine technology and learning - but it has to be done right.

That being said, check out a few projects I have worked on at WVU's Sandbox.

This video was produced by myself and the iDesign - Visual team members Eva Buchman and Ryan Pratt - two fantastic videographers and graphic artists.